Ed Hull Scientific Paper Manual

Ed Hull

“Getting published is a big issue in today’s time. Your carreer goals depend on it.
So focus on what is needed and not what is not needed. Make difficult things easy by eliminating white noise.”

Ed Hull is cofounder of ProSciCom, a collaboration of scientists, editors, trainers and translators specialized in various fields of science. We all share a passion for effective scientific communication.

Our goal is to help researchers acquire grants and publish their articles quickly. To achieve that goal, authors must communicate well. With a unique, interactive approach we ensure that researchers clearly and effectively communicate the relevance and credibility of their work.

Maurits Weebers

“This book seems like any other, but the underlying strength is that it has the potential to change the way we govern Health related science! Something I am grateful to be part of”

Maurits Weebers is a developer and is involved with projects that have impact on social level.
He has a diverse network of musicians, entrepreneurs, volunteers and good doers who share the same goals.

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