Upcoming online course (Zoom)

Health-related Scientific Writing in the 21st Century
Give readers nuggets

This course is intended for PhD candidates and other health-related scientists who have at least some results and are ready to write a manuscript for journal publication.


Course goals

The primary goal is to write and report reader-friendly, transparent, relevant, and credible scientific articles for journal publication.
Secondary goals include:

  • learning to coach fellow researchers on their articles
  • learning to critically read and peer review texts written by others.

The course is “goal oriented.” The writing strategy guides you in:

  • developing a new mindset on scientific writing
  • defining take-home messages that readers can clearly understand and remember
  • logically structuring the article on those messages by using a “template of 10 core concepts”
  • learning to write to-the-point sentences and paragraphs.

Participants will apply the strategy in 3 writing assignments. Each participant will receive individual feedback and coaching on his/her assignments from fellow course participants and professional science editors.


Dates and times
10 Zoom sessions of one hour each (2 sessions per day) spread over the following dates:
Day 1: January 29
Day 2: February 5
Day 3: February 19
Day 4: February 26
Day 5: March 12.
On each day, the sessions are scheduled for: 11.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00 CET.



The price of the course is €450 per participant, payable via bank transfer or credit card. In addition, each participant is required to have the course book, Health-related Scientific Articles in the 21st century: Give readers Nuggets. A printed edition or a Kindle e-book edition is available. The printed edition (€22.50 plus postage from the Netherlands) or the Kindle e-book edition ($9.87) can be purchased from this website.

For more information or to register, please contact Ed Hull at edhull@home.nl


Individual online coaching

The coaching is meant for researchers in the health-related fields who are writing an article or thesis. The writing strategy is detailed in the book Health-related Scientific Articles in the 21st Century: Give readers Nuggets. The “Template of 10 core concepts” presented in this book is the tool to logically structuring the content. The book will be provided. Professional trainers and editors will coach you through the writing process. Coaching and pricing will be tailored to your needs. For more information please contact EdHull.

info@givereadersnuggets.nl or edhull@home.nl

+31 (0) 6 4471 4953